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Software development company established in 2015 to bridge the digital divide caused by unrealistic industry requirements and economic constraints.

At Pooe Dynasty we strive to develop software solutions to aid your business in leveraging the best of the digital age in order to increase clientele, bridge geographical limitations, understand your customers better, retain customers and generate more income with as little expense and effort as possible.

Our software solutions are customised to your businesses needs and we support you all the way.

Services Offered

Website Development and Hosting

Custom developed websites to client needs. Hosting of websites and emails. Domain Registration. Our websites are developed using responsive web development strategies to ensure the best user experiences regardless of what type of device they access the web applications from. Your business can save money on mobile development costs by use of web applications developed in-house.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications can be developed to client requirements seamlessly. The mobile applications can be synced with client websites and other applications. We develop mobile applications on Windows Mobile, Apple iOS, and Android mobile platforms.

E-Commerce Websites and Apps

Cross-platform e-commerce website and mobile app developments to enable your business to take advantage of all e-commerce benefits. From electronic management of your stock, running promotions, analysis of clientelle to processing payments and managing orders. All this at the convenience of your smartphone or personal computer

SEO and Social Media

Search Engine Optimization and management of company social media profiles.

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